Hi, and welcome to my page and thank you for your messages and support today, I wanted to assist you on finding some of the best gear for training boxing, depending on the individual going to the gym. Also, which ones are better according to the experience you have either just starting, already an experienced amateur or professional. If you are a coach and need some world finest boxing gear for your gym or group of fighters. I can assist you in having your boxing gear custom-made. That way there is no confusion when the time to pick up the boxing gear after training.


Are you shopping around for kids or youth boxing gear? Let me help you decide just in case you are not familiar with the boxing equipment and since there are so many brands and style to choose from. Some at a reasonable price other either too expensive or too cheap that won’t last and soon you need to shop again. So stay away from Walmart or similar stores when shopping for boxing gear. Its better do a one-time investment than having to go buy new boxing gear twice a year.

For kids and youth, I like the new Physical Success kid boxing gloves. Physical Success is my first choice in particular since they were created for the use of kids. They are easy to put on or take off with the velcro strap on them and has a great amount of padding to protect your child’s hand.

Weighing only 2oz are extremely light, excellent for mitts work and punching the bag as it is for sparring as well. Physical Success is intended only for kids use from 2 to 6 years of age.

I know every parent wants the best for their kids and to assist in that little push on taking them to the gym and with these gloves on they’re going to feel like champs. Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to take them off when they get home. That tends to happen with some kids. The professional feel of these Physical Success is amazing.

Another great boxing gloves for your child are from the brand Title. They were designed also for beginners and youth. With excellent stuffed for the protection of your child’s hand also have an unrestricted thumb area that will assist for free movement and protection.

It is very difficult to find such quality like the one Title Youth Boxing Gloves provide. Like the overstuffed padding right where most injuries happen on the knuckles area. Great for kids under 7 years of age.

For the Juniors, since they have stronger punch and quickness my suggestions are Everlast or Ringside boxing gloves. Great for perfect fitting to the small hands and good cushion all around the glove to protect the hand. Keep in mind that at the age 8 and above the hand need to be wrapped really good.

Please do not let your child hit the bag or use the boxing gloves in general without proper hand wrapping. To avoid injuring the knuckles which scrape really easy and won’t allow your kid to continue the boxing routine in comfort. They are also of some good quality and decent price.

More experienced boys or girls that are sparring already, there are the Grant Boxing Gloves or Mexican Boxing Gloves named Cleto Reyes. Even better Winning Boxing Gloves made in Japan to me simply world finest boxing gear available worldwide. Although a little more expensive, see it as an investment since these gloves will last you years. These mentioned brands are top 3 best in the world. Champions and just about every professional boxer have one of these boxing gloves to do sparring.

For women, there are also many boxing gears available and many options in color such as pink, green or silver and many more. Again, I recommend Everlast or Cleto Reyes since the hands are well protected with the padding all around the glove. If you don’t want to spend so much, there are the Sweet Science boxing gloves these protect the knuckles, thumb, and wrist. You can find these for about $75.

I almost forgot to tell you, that when you purchase a pair of Sweet Science the profit generated goes to St. Jude Medical Hospital for kids with cancer. So, it’s an investment that helps a good cause. Also, they are very lightweight and are of synthetic leather good for punching the bag but for sparring, you’ll want to get the genuine leather. You can get a good pair for about 120 to 150.

The big boys and adults, the best boxing gloves for sparring are Winning Boxing Gloves. These gloves are without a doubt the best boxing gloves in the market in terms of durability and they offer the best protection for your hands. They’ll last you many years. Also, are extremely light perfect weight distribution. A pair of 12 oz. gloves are perfect for training an excellent choice for heavy bag and mitt work. Once, you train with these gloves you’ll fall in love with them. With time, they only become better and better.

 Another option are the Casanova boxing gloves. Which gives the hand protection all around and even the forearm, where it is needed to block the opponent punches. Also, I  always liked these gloves cause the way they are made in bunches, not in quantity.  The stitches they have are well done and colorful. The lace tight well to have a firm punch and the velcro gives the extra protection so that it won’t get loose, also protecting more the forearm. Great boxing gloves for sparring.

Not far from now, I will be able to help you all better to show my appreciation. I’m working on some style of gloves to put on the market of great quality like the Winning, Casanova, and the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves. So stay checking this page to know when they come out. For every one that leaves me a message below will be getting them at a special discount price. At least half the price you can pay anywhere else.

Those who want custom made, I will be able to provide. Also, coaches and gym owners if you buy in quantity the price will be much lower than the already low price they will be having. If, you are wondering why would I want to do that. Simply, because growing up as a kid boxer I did not have anyone to finance me the boxing gear. I had no resources. let me share something about me.

Boxing kept me from being in the streets, I was always looking for fights. Until one day my brother Carlos R.I.P. told me to go to the boxing gym he used to go to and ask for his old coach Manuel. Who, later became my coach. I remember he asked me to get in the ring to show him what I have and since then became the beginning of my boxing career. I was only about 13 years of age. In a year I was already best in California. A year later I was best in the States and a year later lost on a split decision to the world champion at the golden gloves finals. Totally robbing me since he was destined and did go to the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Since then, there was no competition for me. Always sparring with professional world champions, that’s how I got much more experienced. I remember going to Tijuana Mexico to fight their best boxer for a shot to represent Mexico in the 92 Olympics. But, unfortunately, they gave the decision to my opponent who later that day told me I should have won but he had no idea what happened. I decided to start my Professional boxing career that year.

That’s a short version of my life story and how boxing had a great impact in my life and am alive today. I want to make it possible for someone who may not have many resources like myself as a boy. Make a difference to someone to be able to afford best quality boxing gloves and call them their own.

Thank you very much for your attention, and remember if you have any questions or there is something I can do for you go ahead and leave a message below I’ll be more than happy to help out.

All the best,
Mexicanito Mendoza

Mexicanito Mendoza

Former professional boxer born in Guerrero, Mexico and was residing in the United States where went to school and began his boxing career out of Lynwood, Ca. Now in the business of giving back to the community as a boxing trainer and doing its be to keep kids of gangs and drugs .

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