My experience with Wealthy Affiliate thus far it has been 6 weeks already.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliates has been very uplifting. What I love to do was in standby  due to illness. Thank God everything is turning out for the best for me. I have been recuperating very rapidly and very soon will be enjoying myself training kids to box. Since I was not able to go to work also, I like to thank my family for supporting me till now. I did not want to be a burden to them and looked for something I can do being at home all day. 

Work online was the only option something I always wanted to learn to do anyhow quite a while.

Well, for about a year I kept trying to find what I can do to generate income online. Seem that many people are trying to do the same thing since I kept running into a lot of con artist trying to come up with the innocent. Various times I almost got caught up in their scams but I thought it was too good to be true and searched online info and indeed every single one was a scam.

There was some legit online businesses but needed a good sum of money to invest and for the moment I had none and I needed something I can do without an investment. Reading a review on one business scam I came into learning about Wealthy Affiliate. Just on reading that review about Wealthy Affiliate I knew that was what I was looking for since watching a video from Awol a year ago affiliate marketing caught my attention.

My progress within Wealthy Affiliate

I started first with just my cell phone and a tablet since I did everything that involves the internet through those devices. I remembered still being skeptical the first week of being a bogus business and when I got to create my very own webpage, I knew it was the right business to join. Not only I got to get access to all the platform without having to use a credit card. I was greeted by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and was welcomed by other members as well. Making me feel I was accepted there.

Even though I had no experience on working online or even work a computer. Soon, after the first trial week, I knew I wanted to join to premium. Being a starter I got to learn so much and when I became premium everything was so much clear. There is so much information that walked me step by step to where I am now. I am a shy person and did not want to be asking too many questions but when overwhelming myself by not being able to do what I want to do I ask. Right away got helped and now every need to ask I simply ask since there is always someone ready to help.

What niche to choose when hardly having anything you have a passion for.

Being a Former Professional boxer I thought that is a good niche since I love the sport. I did choose a niche about boxing but there are so many other things I got to know I have a passion for. Such as, helping others and health issues or how to lose weight and many other options I have lots of knowledge and experience with. I created my own domain which only cost me less than $15 dollars. I named it World Finest Boxing Gear. Since I wanted to talk to people about boxing and the benefits of having their kids joins a gym and assist them on where to purchase fine quality boxing gear.

I have enjoyed writing post about my niche. I will be creating other websites since with premium you can create up to 50 sites all will be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate for the same amount of premium monthly payment. Premium is $49 per month. Although, you have an option to pay yearly and save 40 percent. One thing I forgot to mention the first month to join premium is only $19 dollars.


My plans and goals for the first 3 months

The first 3 months joining Wealthy Affiliate My goal is to learn everything that I can learn about affiliate marketing and be doing all the work on my laptop too. Within the first 3 months, the foundation for about at least two websites should be up and running ready to generate income. Wealthy Affiliate has almost made them possible and it has only been 6 weeks. So far I like what I have accomplished and I know I still will be learning much more.

My plans and goals for 6 months

I am making a realistic goal for the 6th month with Wealthy Affiliate. It is to have generated income at least $500 a week and I plan to stick with the program doing every step by step to accomplish them. Once the goal is reached I plan to change it to $500 a day instead of weekly. Then, I plan to help everyone in my family in making it possible for them to be able to do so too. I need to do it myself first so that they can believe it is possible since who but them know what I been through.

Once again, thank you for your time and remember if you got questions I got answers, and any comment you leave down below will sure be appreciated much.

Best regards Mexicanito Mendoza

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Mexicanito Mendoza

Former professional boxer born in Guerrero, Mexico and was residing in the United States where went to school and began his boxing career out of Lynwood, Ca. Now in the business of giving back to the community as a boxing trainer and doing its be to keep kids of gangs and drugs .


  1. Hey,
    Your website looks great but it would look even better with a few images and especially I would love to see a picture of you so I can put a face to the words.
    I hope you achieve your goals and still keep doing what you obviously love and that is boxing.
    Best of luck to you

    • Thank you Coucka, for viewing my site and I really appreciated your comment. I did try to put a face on my profile but I did not know how and gave up and I am working on that again today hopefully I manage to do so.Lots of luck to you as well.
      Mexicanito Mendoza

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