This is why I have not been able to go to the boxing gym till now; It may save your life or someone you love

Hello, to everyone thank you for reading this very important information that I would like to share with you. Hopefully, you can share it as well, especially with family and friends. Let me introduce myself, my name is Juan Mendoza also known as Mexicanito. I was a professional boxer in the early 90s. I know, long time ago right, lol.

Well, I was always healthy staying active showing others how to box. When, all of the sudden I start to get sick. Like other times, I thought I’ll just be sweated off, right. Well, I got worst made me weaker and weaker. To a point that I had lost close to 20 pounds. Nothing I ate would benefit me in any way I either vomit or disposed of it hardly digesting my meal. I was so sick, that I had to give up training boxing and going to work.

Going to many doctors and different clinics, hospitals, and emergency room. The doctors knew what was wrong with me because what I told them but could not give me a right treatment. Every time I saw someone I was given a different treatment and the assurance of getting well, but again three days later I was sick again.

The cause of almost dying was carrying parasites in my body, that got from eating pork meat that was undercooked or drinking contaminated water, that’s what my doctors would say was the way of getting my sickness. But, started to do all the research I could do about parasites. In reality, there are way many ways of catching parasites. You can get them through plain breathing air, or how you catch the flu since that’s what you think you caught. A virus or a common cold.

It seemed that I had the flu for about 6 months always with chills and running nose. Until, I went to see a doctor I was referred to. I remember telling my story how I was even led to believe I was dying possibly from cancer. All that time suffering from nothing. You see, I have a dog who caught distemper which is a fatal illness for animals. While caring for my dog I caught my parasites and that running nose flu-like symptom was gone within days of taking medicine prescribed by my doctor that I last saw and was assured it had nothing to do with cancer and half a year later I’m feeling much better.

Till this point, I’m still getting sick once in a while but now, I know what to do to get well soon. There are 1000’s of parasite that can invade your body and make you sick while others are good for intestinal health. Everyone carries some kind of parasite except some people don’t know because if you have a strong immune system it will take good care of flushing them out with good bacteria.

You will be surprised what-what ugly creatures are living and feeding off our body. Now, if you’re feeling tired all the time, with unexplained headaches, your mind playing tricks on you, are only a couple of symptoms you are carrying some type of parasite disturbing your health. I can go on telling you everything you are filling when you fill sick is due to parasites infestation but I don’t want to upset you in any way. What I do want to do is recommend some videos you can watch on how to get rid of most parasites and immediately feel a lot better and even drop a few pounds. I do want advice it is disgusted to watch but the benefit of doing so is greater.

I do feel much embarrassing in telling my story that I haven’t said to any one of not my immediate family, but if I can make a difference in someone’s health then it will be worthed. I don’t know who that site on the video belongs to but will share it also with my story and hopefully you avoid going through what I been going through. For those living in a country where is known to have unhealthy sanitation or just visiting, don’t get me wrong even in the best of the world like I mentioned earlier everyone has some kind of parasite.

You can find on YouTube some videos on parasites but one I recommend is from natural remedies named 21signs parasites are living in your body- and how to get rid of. Good luck with your health and if there is anything that I can be of your assistance feel free to leave me a message and I will be more than happy to assist you.

 Best wishes to all
Juan mexicanito mendoza

ps I am getting ready to return to boxing trainer soon since since I am feeling much alive now.

Mexicanito Mendoza

Former professional boxer born in Guerrero, Mexico and was residing in the United States where went to school and began his boxing career out of Lynwood, Ca. Now in the business of giving back to the community as a boxing trainer and doing its be to keep kids of gangs and drugs .


  1. Thank you for sharing your story and educating people on how anybody can get parasites. Like you, many people can contract parasites or viruses, feel ill for days, months years without fully understanding what is causing the illness. I live in Canada and we are seeing an increased number of parasite infections from either people visiting warmer climates or parasites becoming increasingly resistant to cold weather. I wish you the best of success returning to your boxing career.

    • Thank you very much, Paul, I am going to take it easy though, just training kids nothing for sparring or much less fighting. I retired without ever going down and want to keep it that way, more interested in making this business online work though. keep in touch.

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